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Call us now for free estimates: 02036321414

We have many years of experience carpet fitting and quickly established ourselves as the premier stockist of all leading brands of Carpets, Vinyl’s, Rugs, Laminate & Wood flooring.


TAJ Carpets  has provided customers with premium service and products! Today, we are  even better equipped to provide flooring solutions for all of your commercial flooring needs.

We offer a full range of floor covering products, including: Carpet, Sheet Vinyl, Laminate, Engineered & Solid Wood, and much more!


Taj Carpets have quickly established ourselves as the premier stockist of all leading brands of Carpets, Vinyl’s, Rugs, Laminate & Wood flooring as well our latest introduction of the amazing  flooring. Quite simply we are probably one of the largest stockist’s of flooring in the whole of the London.


We stock over good quantity rolls of Carpets at any given time. Holding large stocks enables us to give you a very quick service and on most occasions we can supply and fit your flooring for you within 24 hours. You can even just come in and cash & carry it away yourself. Our huge warehouses allows you, the customer to view the carpets and flooring in actual size rolls and at the same time giving you the very best deals at any given time. We supply all the leading brands such as Cormar Carpets, Life Style, Lano, Balta Carpet and Baltierio.


As a homeowner or business owner, you take great pains to ensure that all the spaces on your property are well-designed and well-installed, that’s why you carry out interior design upgrades and ensure you choose the best materials and contractors for the job. While furniture and decor is a very important part of interior design, there is one thing that effectively defines the appearance of any space-the flooring. Since the floors cover such a large part of every room, it becomes important to choose the materials you use for it, with care. Which there are number of flooring materials in the market, ranging from tiling to natural stone etc. Carpet continues to be very popular option. Taj Carpets is one of the most preferred companies in this space and we cater to individual customers as well as commercial ones. Regardless of how big or small your need is, you will find what you are looking for at our store.



Every product we stock is of the highest quality and you will find a wide variety too. As a family-owned business, we are highly focused on our customers and provide personalised services. Our Carpets are sourced from various places and no matter how many times you visit our store, you are sure to find something new and interesting. We also know our customers may want flooring apart from carpets for their premises. It’s why we stock a range of other products such as rugs, accessories and vinyl etc. This means we are able to cater to all your flooring needs. For any more information, feel free to call us at this number -020363 21414.

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