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Carpet Shop in Ilford

Every homeowner and business owner focuses on creating attractive spaces on their property and having the right kind of carpeting goes a long way in adding to the attraction quotient of the place. But every space is different and so are the individual tastes of the owners. This means when you are choosing any flooring for your home, you want to have access to a wide variety. When you come to Taj Carpets that is exactly what you get.


When you come to our carpet shop in Ilford you will notice that we have a wide array of carpets and other flooring options to choose from. We offer carpets, rugs, underlay, accessories, vinyl etc to match every style and suit every budget. Regardless of whether you are looking to spruce-up your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, office or retail spaces, we have the right flooring option for you .


We have built a very strong reputation in the region and work very closely with our customers- understand what your requirements are and suggest some ideas of our own; provide you the right advice and ensure that the carpet or flooring installation is carried out to perfection. Our solutions will go a long way in transforming the look of your home or office. We always focus on providing you value for money, work within your budget and keep wastage at a minimum.


Over the years, we have proved our mettle in the field and today , we are a premier carpet shop in Ilford and stock all the leading brands of vinyls, carpets and Laminate flooring that has finishes such as:

Wood- this has the beauty and classic look of wood without any of the latter’s practical drawbacks
Stone- This hardwearing flooring looks just like ceramic, slate and marble
Iconic Effects- This is a very unique collection of metallic, pebble and mosaic floors


We are undoubtedly one of the largest carpet shops in Ilford that stocks all types of flooring. At any given point of time, we stock more than 300 rolls of Carpets. Since our shop holds a very large inventory, it helps us give quick service and we can supply flooring that matches your requirement to the tee. We can supply as well as fit the flooring at your home or office in the shortest possible time. If you prefer, you can come and collect it yourself.


Since our carpet shop in Ilford offers an impressive range of textures, finishes and colours, you are sure to find the kind of carpet or vinyl flooring you like. All our products are guaranteed to last for a number of years. For more information about the different types of floorings we can provide, call Taj Carpets on 020 3632 1414. You can also contact us via this online form.

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