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Lyno flooring is durable, easy to look after and suitable for every room in the home, Vinyl is the ideal easy to maintain flooring for your home or business. We stock a huge selection of Vinyl in a wide range of styles, colors and thicknesses to ensure that you get the feel and comfort you want from your vinyl flooring at the right price.

VINYL Flooring Ilford

No wonder so many prefer our vinyl floors. You get the look of beautifully realistic wood and stone, durability and easy maintenance. We have a great selection vinyl to  choose from that suit every home and taste. With stone, wood, tile and pattern options to choose from, your next floor will look beautiful.

Today’s new look vinyl is very different from traditional floor vinyl products. Discover vinyl tiles, sheets and planks at Taj carpets with a variety of subtle colours, depth and textures that look and feel more authentic than ever before. Advanced printing technologies and embossing techniques now produce surface effects that you will believe are the real thing, such as hardwood, slate, tile, stone or even leather.


Vinyl lino flooring is produced in four tough layers: a protective top coat and clear vinyl layer followed by a printed design layer and finally, a felt or fibreglass backing. This is the reason why vinyl is known for withstanding moisture and water, and resistant to stains, wear and tear or fading. Vinyl's essential resilience means it's warmer and more comfortable to stand on than most hard surfaces.


Not only is lino flooring durable and cost effective, the new products are also low maintenance. They no longer require time-consuming waxing and polishing to maintain their resilience in rooms or areas where there is frequent footfall. That’s why vinyl has traditionally been reserved for installing in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, and playrooms but today, sophisticated new styles are a new trend in everyday living spaces.

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