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Discover stylish new designs in laminate flooring that look like reclaimed wood, weathered metal, and natural stone. Now you can have the high-end flooring look you want at an affordable price.

Laminate Flooring Ilford

First developed in Sweden in the 1980s to become one of the most popular flooring choices in recent years, the trend for laying laminate flooring is definitely here to stay. If you’re looking to give your home a superior stylish makeover, the combination of stunning wood grain realism, long term durability and a very affordable price can all be experienced at our laminate flooring Ilford showroom.

Rich, vivid colours and in-depth textures

It’s important to be aware that laminate flooring is different from a vinyl floor. While vinyl flooring is produced from plastic formed to mimic the material properties of wood, laminate creates an authentic looking appearance - up close as well as from afar - by the application of a photographic image of wood to the material surface.

Undoubtedly, a key attraction is the way that cheap laminate flooring can so powerfully replicate a wide range of wood surfaces in all their rich, vivid colours and in-depth textures. If you prefer to have the look of more than one surface in your home, laminates can also replicate the authentic surface image of stone.

There are four basic components to laminate flooring:

•    Backing layer for stabilisation and moisture resistance.
•    High or medium density water-resistant core layer compressed together with adhesive and resin.
•    Photographic image or pattern layer usually formed with multiple sheets of paper sandwiched within resin. The same photograph is used for many planks to enable repeating patterns.
•    Protective water-resistant top layer typically produced from an aluminium oxide clear coat, which can be low to high gloss.

Grey laminate flooring

Foremost amongst colour choices in contemporary home and office design has to be the choice of grey laminate flooring for those seeking to achieve a clean and classic look. While one of the most affordable and practical of floor surfaces, its neutral tones can make a stylish impact in most room interiors and less likely to clash with any wood furniture or features.

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